This excerpt is "The Branch" from The Return, written by Sara Farrington and created by director and new media artist Reid Farrington. The Return was a commission from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and ran from July 10th-Aug 2nd 2015 in the Venetian Sculpture Gallery at The Met, free and open to the public, from museum open to museum close, seven days a week.

A short scene from the pilot "Mackenzie" selected by casting director Allison Shomer.

This is a scene selected for Stephanie from "Erin Brokovic." This video was taken during Heidi Marshall's Audition workshop.

Stephanie played Varya in Theatre Movement Bazaar's CHERRY JAM--performed and designed by students at CalArts 2010. A new perspective of Chekhov's CHERRY ORCHARD conceived by Tina Kronis and Richard Alger.

Stephanie's Commercial Voiceover Demo Reel, April 2012.