Leisure Labor Lust

April 2018

While employing a perfect brogue, her eyes flaring, facial features in perpetual motion and exhibiting physical verisimilitude, Ms. Regina’s remarkable performance as Lucy runs the gamut from hilarity to pathos. Regina’s achievements are magnified by her depicting the male characters of Harry and Grace’s potential paramour with equally impressive impact. She is a whirlwind of tremendous talent.
— Darryl Reilly of Theatre Scene

...Stephanie Regina, who doubles as Irene, a studio messenger, describes the storm clouds of World War II... The most impressive performers here are the most naturalistic: Ms. Regina’s Irene is put upon but resourceful...
— Andy Webster of The New York Times
Standing next to [Michael Curtiz] is the ever-present assistant, Irene, the stressed out girl messenger (a high energy fireball Stephanie Regina), who also plays double duty as the old-fashioned magnificently voiced film narrator.
— Times Square Chronicles


April 2017



April 2017

Stephanie Regina pulls off a complex turn as the Girl Friday Irene and the narrator filling in the plot of both the movie and its production history.
— Michael Giltz of Huffington Post



October 2015

Stephanie Regina imbues – and sings – the titular role with an unexpected, tongue-in-cheek gravitas...
— Lucid Culture NYC

Stephanie Regina is a powerful Oedipus, strutting her stuff and then gouging out her eyes when his role in Laius’ death and his marriage to his mother is revealed.
— Susan Hall of Berkshire Fine Arts


Oedipus Rex

March 2013