"THE WHITE ALBUM" New York Premiere @ BAM Harvey

NOV 28—DEC 1, 2018

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Stephanie spent the summer of 2018 developing and creating “The White Album” along with Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera. She is a featured performer (Linda Kasabian, Nurse Corinne Leonard, Ray Manzarek, etc.) and understudy for Mia Barron as Joan Didion. “The White Album” premiered on Oct 5, 2018 at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh and at the Wexner Center for Arts in Columbus.

Part of the 2018 Next Wave Festival

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Here’s one: you arrive at a house party. A band is playing, some people are making out. You drink, you mingle, you dance. Lars Jan’s (ABACUS, 2014 Next Wave) multilayered vision of Joan Didion’s essay juxtaposes the author’s searing text—performed in its entirety by Obie Award-winning actor Mia Barron—with a glassed-in microcosm of social unraveling. A chorus of performers are joined onstage by members of a second audience, bearing witness to the harrowing beats of isolation, excess, and looming violence that typified Didion’s late-60s California—from the Manson murders to student protests to the Black Panthers—and finding fresh resonance in a story we tell ourselves over and over again.