Leisure. Labor, Lust by Sara Farrington in Lenox, MA

Stephanie performed the role of Lucy in Sara Farrington's "Leisure, Labor, Lust" (under the direction of Marina McClure) at Edith Wharton's estate in Lenox, MA.



Written by Sara Farrington

Directed by Marina McClure

Leisure, Labor, Lust is a theatrical and psychological journey through the ravages of poverty and the oppressions of affluence in New York City in 1907. This is the story of Grace Hunter, a brilliant woman with an insatiable hunger for romance, and her tortured husband Harry, a closeted man rapidly losing his grip on reality.

The play is inspired by elements from Edith Wharton’s most famous (and lesser known) works, as well as a torrid affair she had as a middle-aged woman with a younger man, Morton Fullerton. The play is also inspired by Mrs. Wharton's husband Teddy Wharton and his struggle with mental illness.

The play exists over the course of three days in 1907 jumping around in time from 1907 to 1887 to 1897 and back again. It is broken into three acts: Leisure, which exists in Grace Hunter’s boudoir, and was most recently performed in the intimate environs of Edith Wharton’s real life boudoir, Lust, which exists in Harry Hunter’s bedroom and performed in Edith Wharton’s bedroom and Labor, still in process, which exists in Wharton's own servant's kitchen.

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