THE RETURN at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Stephanie will be a playing the role of Docent at the MET for The Return, created by Reid Farrington.

The Return celebrates the historically arduous and scientifically groundbreaking restoration of Tullio Lombardo’s Adam (ca. 1490–95), one of the greatest sculptures of the High Renaissance, which was recently completed by the Met’s conservators and scientists. This revolutionary interactive work invites visitors to dynamically investigate the decadelong reconstruction. One can probe aspects such as the statue’s fall from its podium ten years ago as well as its poetic parallel to Biblical Adam’s fall from grace. Hidden cameras, speakers, and microphones bring the statue to life, leading visitors through the work’s extraordinary story, and a digital “window” displays the restored Adam. In this unique setting, guests can speak directly to the figure and pose questions about his creation, travels, and return to the gallery.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Tullio Lombardo's Adam: A Masterpiece Restored, on view November 11, 2014–July 2015.

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